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Help your child overcome their fears. All children throughout their growth are afraid. It is a difficulty that when outgrow helps them become more capable. But often it increases fear helping to become the protagonist of their lives, making them suffer unnecessarily. In these cases, parents can be helpful if they know what they have to do. In this book there are explained in detail solved cases of separation anxiety, fear of the dark, fear of animals and handicapping shame and social anxiety. It’s also explained how these fears work, how worse they could turn depending on what is done and how can turn into panic during adulthood. Guidelines and specific strategies are specified for parents to help children face their fears and finally solve them, thereby increasing their well-being and self-esteem. Become the courage master of your child.


MIGUEL HERRADOR, Coach specialist in anxiety disorders, BA in Hispanic Studies from University of Barcelona (UB), Therapist Gestalt, Master in Brief Therapy, with over fifteen years of experience is also a trainer and supervisor of therapists and coaches. Co-director of the Center Brief Therapy Barcelona Feel Good, founding member of Team Solving and speaker at conferences, workshops and courses. He has worked in various media (newspapers, radio and television).

MARIBEL MARTINEZ, BA degree in Psychology from the University of Catalonia (UOC), Master in Brief Therapy, BA in Hispanic Studies from the University of Barcelona (UAB), Social Educator enabled by the CEESC and Therapist Gestalt, works as a psychotherapist adults, children, teenagers, families and couples, specializing in anxiety disorders and trainer and supervisor of therapists and coaches. He is also co-director of Brief Therapy Center of Barcelona Feel Good and founding member of Team Solving. He has worked in various media (newspapers, radio and television).